Windy Ridge Logo with two children riding a bicycle built for two. A cat and a dog are in the basket


Our Mission, Vision and Commitment

Our Mission

At Windy Ridge Autism Services, we are constantly looking to un-learn old skills and learn new ones.   We provide affirming, safe and developmentally appropriate consultation for school aged children and play-based supports for preschool children.

 We are dedicated to supporting families with compassion, flexibility and understanding.  

photo of the Windy Ridge Team on the front porch of our home based clinic

“Children are not meant to work for love. They are meant to rest in someone’s care so that they can play and grow; this is why relationships matter.”

― Deborah MacNamara, 

"Rest, Play, Grow: Making Sense of Preschoolers"

Photo of the home based clinic.  Green house, white porch.

Our Vision

The team at Windy Ridge Autism Services are passionate about providing safe and ongoing relationships and understanding that "kids do well when they can" (Dr. Greene).  We presume competence in the children we are honoured to be with and aim to support quality of life at all times.

Our Commitment

Our team is neurotypical and each is a unique human open to learning.  Windy Ridge is committed to providing family focused supports for all abilities.  We learn from our families.


We adhere to the guidelines provided by the Autism Funding Unit, through the Ministry of Children and Families, including having a RASP Certified professional supervising our Interventionists.  We also have an up-to-date COVID plan in place to protect all our children and families.

Backyard of the home based clinic with big tree and back of house