Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is R & R - Reference and Regulate Program for Autism?

How can Windy Ridge support my child's behaviours and abilities?

Where do the Windy Ridge team and SLP work with my child?

Can Windy Ridge support delayed speech and / or language skills?

What makes Windy Ridge different from other services?

Who else needs to be
part of our child's

How do I navigate my online family portal for therapy and equipment funding?

How can Windy Ridge help me navigate the school system and other supports?

Why should I trust you with my child, and what training do the Windy Ridge team members have?

What do the new MCFD funding guidelines mean for my child and family?

Questions to ask your service provider before hiring them to work with your child:

Why does intensive 1:1 treatment end when my child turns 6 and/or goes into the school system?