Our Services

What we offer

Reference & Regulate Program (R&R)

Windy Ridge provides supports as needed by the family and child, working with a team.

R&R is offered for preschool children aged 0-5 yrs in our home based clinics in Cranbrook. R&R is a developmental, relationship based support which involves a 6 stage curriculum (more information available upon request).

R&R is a 1:1 intensive program that can be provided multiple days a week with a Windy Ridge trained  interventionist. 

We provide communication (speech and language) supports through play.

Free Initial Consultation

Please contact us to set up a free visit to see if the Windy Ridge philosophy is right for your child and family.  This consultation can be made by phone, email, virtually or face to face.  

Susanna provides a flexible approach to intervention and consultation, which aims to support the best interests of your child and family.

School Aged Services

A consultative approach with the SLP, based on relationship, developmental and emotional awareness skills to support children and families throughout their school years.  For children aged 6+.

This consultative support is offered in Cranbrook and near by communities.

Speech  Assessment

A standardized assessment may be completed by the SLP, of your child's articulation, voice and oral motor skills, if desired. This includes options for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) use for non-speaking children, children with situational mutism and children with suspected apraxia of speech.

Full Language Assessment

When appropriate, a standardized assessment of your child's understanding, expression and social use of language, including executive functioning and processing skills may be completed.  Neurodiverse affirming characteristics and abilities will be included.  More often developmental levels are determined through ongoing dynamic assessment and observation, inlcuding discussion with families. Situational mutism is supported and explored.


Relying on families who know their children best, we can support school teams with Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals and program planning, which look at abilities and strengths to create appropriate learning environments.  Supporting a school team through the families knowledge and understanding of their own child is critical.

Equipment & Supply Funding Approvals

A British Columbia, RASP (registered autism service provider) certified professional is available to assess and recommend resources to support your child's success.  Signing Justification for Equipment forms for the Autism funding unit of BC is part of our practice, in order to support abilities and regulation at home.


In addition to weekly updates,  reports are completed for families and team members to summarize skills and abilities, current level of development and assessment results. These reports include strategies  and recommendations for other team members to meet your child where they are at.  These reports aim to focus on abilities and gifts that your child brings to their environment.

Family Support & Consultations

Our Team is available for each family through all stages of our program, to support each child's unique abilities and developmental journey, including passions and interests.  Please contact Susanna via text, phone or email at anytime with questions, concerns or to share bits of joy.


Following discussion with families and teams, an SLP observation can be initiated.  This can be in home, daycare, preschool or school settings to support teachers and teams to better understand neurodiverse abilities and the WHY's of various emotional, sensory and communication characteristics.

Parent & Family Supports

A customized meeting with each individual family to discuss strategies and concerns that may be helpful for us as service providers to better understand your child and to support you at home. Supporting discussion of safety, sensory and communication abilities is a priority.

Professional Support Liason

We are available to act as members of your child's multi-disciplinary team, including working with a school team, community team or other professionals.  OT support is critical to supporting our learning. Susanna refers to other professionals as requested and needed.

“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”
– Dr. Stephen Shore.