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What Our Families Are Saying

The Staff Are So Loving

I have recommended time and time again, the staff are so loving and amazing and my child would not be where they are today without them!

The Staff Listen

They listen and help the children in a different way.  Staff feels like family, and also I have learned a lot in supporting my own children.  The Windy Ridge staff have made my child feel special and loved while providing developmental support in a fun way!

Extended Family

Windy Ridge is like an extended family and provides exceptional support.  The difference in my 4 year old in just a short while has been such a positive wonderful experience. He looks forward every day for his visits!

Regular Updates

The Windy ridge team are fantastic, they help my child as much as they can, then update me every time about my child, how she is doing during the session, any improvements and developments they send to me every time. My daughter is improving a lot since I put her in windy ridge, so thank you for all your help, kudos to the team.

Recommending Windy Ridge

I would most definitely recommend Windy Ridge to a good friend. I would tell them how wonderful the support is throughout the team. How involved I am in making the right decisions for my child. The staff is non judgemental and I have no problems talking to them about specific needs and goals I have for my children.

Patient, Kind and Genuine

I have recommended you to friends and said that my son actually enjoyed going, that I could see referencing and regulation strategies making a difference for him and that the people there are patient, kind, genuine, and so fun.

Foundation For Learning

I would not do any other type of therapy, the R&R program built my littles foundation for learning ... They are kind and gentle and like family to us. My son always loved to go ...  he was so excited to see his interventionist. 

From A Happy Mom

Windy Ridge embraced my child for who she was and provided exceptional, loving support. My family highly recommends Windy Ridge!

Above and Beyond

Susy and staff go above and beyond to make you feel heard and to form a connection with each child. My son has benefited so much from Windy Ridge. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!