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For Children & Families
in the East Kootenays, BC, Canada

Resources are endless. Windy Ridge follows a neuroaffirming approach to Autism supports.  We support neurodiversity and listen to voices of Autistic adults and children to learn for ourselves and lead our way.  Many of these resources reflect this approach. If you are in need of other resources please reach out to us.

#actuallyautistic and neurodivergent voices - Online Partners For Collaboration:


TREKK - Therapeutic Rehabilitation for East Kootenay Kids

Occupational Therapy & Physio Therapy Interior Health Authority

Cranbrook Health Unit 250-420-2200

CYMH - Child and Youth Mental Health 

 Intake support -250-426-1514

SCD - Supported Child Development

EK Supported Child Development Program (


FSI - Family Support Institute  

Strengthening and Connecting Families (


Community Connections of SouthEast BC -  (

Local Regulation and Mindfulness Support

Community & online Partners 

logo for Huckleberry Books

Books, Books and more Books

16 - 9th Avenue South,

Cranbrook, BC V1C 2L8

 Local Kootenay Resources

 Books for Children

A Day with No words - Tiffany Hammond (apraxia, BIPOC characters, compassion, AAC)

Alphabreaths - The ABCs of mindful breathing - by Daniel Rechtschaffen · Christopher Willard (co-regulation)

The Kissing Hand - by Audrey Penn and Ruth Harper (separation, relationship, attachment)

The Autistic Boy in the Unruly Body- Gregory Tino (apraxia, autistic pride, self acceptance)

Spencer's Special Interests - Amanda Paige (anxiety, special interests, BIPOC characters)

Don't hug Doug - Carrie Finison

Questions and Answers about Growing up - by Katie Daynes

The Brain Forest - Sandhya Menon (neurodiverse brains, brain differences)

Trudy's Healing Stone - by Trudy Spiller (attachment, relationship)

The Boy Who Couldn't Speak, Yet - by Jordan Christian LeVan

Me and my PDA - Gloria Dura-Vila


so many more.....

 Local Kootenay Resources

Logo for the Cranbrook Education Station

Educational Resources, Sensory Tools & Books 

18-13th Avenue South 

Cranbrook BC V1C 2V3

logo for the treehouse toy company in Fernie

Puzzles, Games, Sensory Tools & Toys

230 Spokane Street

Kimberley, BC V1A 2E4

 Books for Caregivers

Parenting from the Inside Out - Daniel J. Siegel

The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks - Gregory C. Tino

Uncommon Sense: An Autistic Journey

- Adam Mardero

I will Die on This Hill  - Meghan Ashburn and Jules Edwards

Beyond Behaviours - Mona Delahooke, PHD (not autism specific)

Autistically Thriving - Judy Endow

Declarative Language Handbook - Linda K. Murphy, CCC-SLP (not autism specific)

Sincerely Your Autistic Child - AWN

Rest Play Grow - Deborah MacNamara (not autism specific)

Uniquely Human - Barry Prizant

We're not Broken - Eric Garcia

Lost at School - Ross W. Greene PhD (not autism specific)

The Highly Sensitive Child - Elaine N. Aron PhD (not autism specific)

One without the other - Shelley Moore (not autism specific)

Autistics on Autism - Kerry Magro

All the Feelz - Autism Level up (Amy Laurent and Jacquelyn Fede)

Unmasking Autism - Devon Price, PhD

Lives in the Balance website - Dr. Ross Greene

 Local Kootenay Resources

logo for the Bumble Tree store in Cranbrook

Games, Sensory Tools & Toys

33-10th Avenue South

Cranbrook, BC V1C 2M9

Please support local business when purchasing equipment and supplies
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